2015 1st Qtr Issue - Trends in Aging, Color Parachute, Rules of Thumb, Managing Retirement Income

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InFRE's 2015 1st Qtr issue of Retirement Insight and Trends

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The quarterly newsletter from the International Foundation for Retirement Education’s to help retirement professionals keep abreast of what’s happening in the field of retirement readiness, counseling, planning and income management.

In this retirement-specific newsletter, planners will learn:

  1. How to help clients better prepare emotionally and psychologically for the retirement stage of life;
  2. How to think differently about common retirement rules of thumb, such as the 4% rule, asset allocation by age, how to manage longevity risk, and use of long-term care insurance;
  3. Key questions to address when planning retirement income for the middle market;
  4. What’s trending in the field of aging and how that affects financial services.

The articles below comprise the 2015 1st Qtr issue of Retirement Insight and Trends. Click on the links below to read each article online separately, or click here to view and print the issue in its entirety.


Welcome to InFRE’s March, 2015 Issue of Retirement Insight and Trends

on MARCH 31, 2015

Retirement InSight and Trends is the quarterly newsletter for the International Foundation for Retirement Education’s Certified Retirement Counselors® (CRC®s) to help retirement professionals stay abreast of what’s happening in the field of retirement readiness, counseling, planning and income management. Find out more about the CRC® and […] Continue Reading →


March, 2015 InFRE Update: Welcome Our New Board of Standards and Standing Committee Members

on MARCH 31, 2015

by Kevin Seibert, CFP®, CEBS, CRC®, Managing Director, InFRE

The Board of Standards and Policy Development (BOS), the policy-making and oversight body of Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) Certification, recently chose two individuals to serve on the BOS beginning in January, 2015. We extend our congratulations and sincere thanks to Sherry Keegan, CRC®, Keegan Wealth Management & Retirement Strategies, LLC, and Lance Palmer, Ph.D., CFP®, CPA, MBA, Associate Professor, University of Georgia for agreeing to serve on the Board of Standards.
Here is the complete list of the Board of Standards members today: […] Continue Reading →


What’s Trending in the Field of Aging: Connecting the Dots with Financial Services

on MARCH 31, 2015

By Sandra Timmermann, Ed.D, Gerontologist, Integrating Aging and Business Strategies

The Today Show recently interviewed George Bush senior and he once again was going to skydive up in Maine for his 90th birthday. So that certainly shows something very positive. I never could do that, even in my 20s, so I have to be really admiring of this incredible man.
But there’s really something a little deeper going on here. The field of aging has, for good reason, focused on frail elders and people who really need assistance, and what that has done is to create this view that anybody over 60 is really sort of washed up and finished for their life, and yet here you have some extremely vital boomers and people who are older than boomers who still want to be in the game, who want to give back, who have good health, they have education, and they have money.
Trend #1: A New Way of Looking at Aging […] Continue Reading →


What Color is Your Parachute? for Retirement: Planning for Prosperity, Health and Happiness

on MARCH 31, 2015

By John E. Nelson, Purposeful Retirement Advocate, Author & Coach

As people approach and plan for their life in retirement, it is one of those few times in an entire lifetime where we can go off in new directions and really recreate ourselves or get closer to the authentic self that we have been. The big distinction of course is that retirement is a transition, unlike high school or even college where it’s just a few years; we literally plan decades and get ready for retirement over a long span. It is one of life’s biggest transitions.
People say What Color is Your Parachute? For Retirement is somewhat like financial planning, but it’s more like career planning. It’s more like thinking in a full way about using your skills, your strengths, the people you want to be interacting with, the greater purpose that you’re serving. But all those questions we answer about our careers really are the same questions that we have the opportunity to address again for our retirement. That’s why I teamed up with Dick Bolles to write this book because from a philosophical perspective and a life stage perspective, in many ways your retirement is like your career. […] Continue Reading →


Off With Your (Rules of) Thumbs!

on MARCH 31, 2015

By Michael Falk, CFA, CRC®, Focus Financial Consulting

In the retirement planning world, we have achieved, over a number of decades, rules of thumb that are benchmarks that should help us in our planning for those we assist, such as:
1. Targeting an income replacement rate
2. A 4 percent withdrawal rule as a primary income strategy
3. Selecting asset allocation based on age
4. Use of long term care insurance.
It’s time, in this day and age, as we should with all facts, re-examine. Let’s see what seems to be true, and what maybe needs a little assistance.
“Target Income Replacement” Rate Rule of Thumb […] Continue Reading →


Introduction to Managing Retirement Income

on MARCH 31, 2015

by Kevin Seibert, CFP®, CEBS, CRC®, Managing Director, InFRE

There are key questions to answer for clients, and you can also ask certain employees if that’s appropriate based on whom you’re working with. The key questions to ask clients and employees when creating retirement income solutions are:
1. What’s different about retirement?
2. How prepared they are?
3. What do they need to think about before making decisions?
4. How can I help them convert retirement resources into income?
What’s Different about Retirement? There are lots of risks one has in the retirement distribution phase that they don’t have in the accumulation phrase; however, we’ve narrowed it down to what we think are the four primary risks, which are:
1. Longevity – outliving your retirement resources
2. Inflation – which is always there but has a bigger impact during retirement when new money isn’t coming in
3. Healthcare and long-term care
4. Investing risks. […] Continue Reading →


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