2015 3rd Qtr Issue - Healthcare Impact, Financial Elder Fraud, QLACs, Tax-Free Roth Conversions

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InFRE's 2015 3rd Qtr Issue of Retirement Insight and Trends

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The quarterly newsletter from the International Foundation for Retirement Education’s to help retirement professionals keep abreast of what’s happening in the field of retirement readiness, counseling, planning and income management.

In this retirement-specific newsletter, planners will learn:

  1. How we can help clients plan to tremendously reduce their healthcare expenses in retirement;
  2. How perpetrators commit elder fraud and what we can do about it;
  3. About Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs) and how they can be used to reduce taxes and increase your clients’ retirement security.

The articles below comprise the 2015 3rd Qtr Issue of Retirement Insight and Trends. Click on the links below to read each article online separately, or click here to view and print the issue in its entirety.


Welcome to InFRE’s October, 2015 Issue of Retirement Insight and Trends

on OCTOBER 20, 2015

Retirement InSight and Trends is the quarterly newsletter for the International Foundation for Retirement Education’s Certified Retirement Counselors® (CRC®s) to help retirement professionals with the practical application of new retirement readiness, counseling, planning and income management concepts for the mid-market. Find out more about the CRC® and […] Continue Reading →


October, 2015 InFRE Update: the CRC® Renewal Program

on OCTOBER 20, 2015

The purpose of the CRC® renewal program is to enhance continued competence and ensure an ongoing understanding and compliance with ethical requirements.

The CRC® certification carries an obligation of continuing education to help Certificants maintain current understanding and knowledge of relevant retirement planning topics. Like many other professional certifications and licenses, an annual continuing education […] Continue Reading →


A 21st Century Connection – Health and Wealth

on OCTOBER 20, 2015

By Ron Mastrogiovanni, President and Chief Executive Officer of HealthView Services

One of the key questions your clients might have is, “Will Medicare take over where my employer left off?” The answer is no. The reality is that Medicare is not free. As time goes on, we’re picking up more and more of those expenses.
What will someone’s healthcare costs be in retirement? Is there an effective way to manage those costs? Yes. There’s actually a lot we can do to both manage the costs, determine what needs to be saved today, and ultimately for a large percentage of your clients, you can actually help lower those costs. You can do this by not only looking at asset allocation, but also product mix. Product mix today is as important as asset allocation was 10 – 15 years ago. […] Continue Reading →


Protecting Your Clients from Financial Elder Fraud

on OCTOBER 20, 2015

By David M. Kessler, Elder Fraud Expert, Protecting the Elderly

There are unknown aspects of elder financial exploitation that most people never understand, unless they actually sit and visit and get to know the elderly victim, or they have an elderly victim in their own personal lives. There are red flags that hopefully you’ll recognize.
In all elder exploitation there’s some form of undue influence and deception or lies, the pressures that are put upon the elderly victim. The predator of the elderly has the same mentality as the predator who victimizes children for sexual gratification. The same power and control techniques are used with our elderly victims for financial exploitation. These crimes often aren’t just random. They’re very well planned. They’re very well organized. Elderly predators have an attitude that the elderly victim’s money or assets is something that they’ve worked hard to get at, and they’re entitled to it. […] Continue Reading →


What Advisors Need to Know About Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts

on OCTOBER 20, 2015

by Gary Baker, President, U.S. Division at CANNEX Financial Exchanges, and Curtis Cloke, CLTC, LUTCF, RICP

Why Did the US Treasury Issue a Ruling About QLACs? Last year there were actually two rulings that the U.S. Treasury published regarding deferred income annuities. If there’s at least one takeaway from this session, it’s that a QLAC is really a deferred income annuity contract, or otherwise known as DIAs in the industry. Another word for a DIA is longevity insurance.
The first ruling from the US Treasury was back in July 2014, and essentially allowed for the deferral of income from these types of contracts to extend beyond age 70½. The essence of this ruling really addressed some tax issues that were fundamental in the IRC or (the Internal Revenue Code) relative to income annuities in general. […] Continue Reading →


IRS Notice Paves Way for Easier Tax-Free Roth Conversions of After-Tax Dollars

on OCTOBER 20, 2015

By Denise Appleby, CISP, CRC®, CRPS, CRSP, APA, President of Appleby Retirement Consulting, Inc.

If you are one of the many financial/tax professionals who have been seeking clarity about converting after-tax amounts to Roth IRAs tax-free, IRS Notice 2014-54, issued September 18, 2014, provides welcome answers.
While there was never any question that after-tax amounts can be converted to Roth IRAs tax-free, there was uncertainty about whether such an objective could be accomplished without either including pre-tax amounts, or by using a three-step process which required the payor to withhold 20% of the pre-tax amount for federal income tax. IRS Notice 2014-54 makes it clear that the objective can be accomplished with a one-step process without any tax withholding. […] Continue Reading →


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