December, 2014 InFRE Update: New Public Sector Plan Administration Live Webinar Series!

Starting Fall, 2014, InFRE is offering a twelve-month, live webinar series designed to help public sector retirement administration professionals and trustees fortify their understanding of how to properly administer their public sector retirement plans.

RPA Series

This new FUNDAMENTALS OF RETIREMENT PLAN ADMINISTRATION TRAINING SERIES is specifically for public sector retirement plans – created for and with the help of the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators (NAGDCA) practitioner leadership by the non-profit International Foundation for Retirement Education (InFRE). It is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge needed for successful plan administration by public sector entities and is regularly reviewed for new legislation, and best practices.

Public sector retirement professionals who serve as any of the following will benefit from these courses:

  • County officials
  • Plan sponsors and trustees
  • Chief financial officers
  • Human resource and payroll specialists
  • Plan administrators and support staff
  • Accountants and other financial professionals who serve the public sector retirement market
Ralph D. MarshRalph D. Marsh, current President of NAGDCA, was recently named Executive Director of the $3.7 billion Houston Firefighters’ Relief & Retirement Fund.
“The plan administration training from InFRE® and available through NAGDCA helped prepare me for this position.”

This 12-part, monthly live webinar series covers the four course topics outlined below. Each course consists of three monthly, 90 minute standalone live webinar sessions. Your program begins with the first live webinar session you attend and will end 12 months later. You will continue to have access to elearning recordings after your live webinar sessions end.

Or if you’re most interested in just one or two of the quarterly courses, click below find out more about what each course covers and when it will be available.

1.  Fundamentals of Retirement Plan Design.  Covers the history and legislative overview of retirement plans; and explain the features and requirements of all types of defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans

2.  Fundamentals of Investments.  Explores the basic concepts and terminology needed to help plan administration staff understand the investments available in public sector defined contribution and defined benefit plans.

3.  Fundamentals of Plan Operations.  Defines plan administration and the role of an administrator; important concepts to know when contracting for services; administration of distributions and special events; implementing changes to plan design; and evaluating and monitoring the retirement plan.

4.  Fundamentals of Compliance and Ethics.  Provides an overview of government regulations and reporting requirements; plan compliance in operation and form; IRS correction programs; role of independent professionals; ethics for administrators.


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