March, 2018 InFRE Update: Get the Most Out of Your CRC® Certification

You have invested considerable time and money to be as up-to-date as possible about retirement readiness, risk management, and retirement income planning by becoming a Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) professional.

Get the most from your Certification by taking a few minutes during your first or next meeting with clients by:

  • Explaining how the CRC® program has helped you become qualified to help them make informed retirement planning decisions.
  • Describing the importance of independent accreditation of the CRC® program, how it was created in 1997 with Texas Tech University, one of the leading financial planning programs in the country, with over 100 professionals from all corners of the retirement industry to ensure that Certificants meet a minimum competency standard for fulfilling their responsibilities as retirement counseling professionals.
  • Stating how you are required to maintain up-to-date, retirement-specific knowledge by submitting proof of completing 15 hours of continuing education credit each year.
  • Sharing how Certificants are required to adhere to a Code of Ethics and Principles of Conduct that provide Certificants with guidance to operate at the highest level of professional standards, and how these guidelines help professionals like you meet fiduciary standards of duty of loyalty and duty of care.
  • Framing and displaying the CRC® Principles of Conduct on the wall behind your desk or hand it out during a meeting.
  • Placing “Why a CRC®?” brochures visibly on your desk and or handing them to your clients/plan participants.
  • Wearing your CRC® pin to client and professional meetings.
  • Framing and displaying your CRC® Certification Certificate in your office.

Be recognized as a true retirement planning professional by tangibly demonstrating your commitment to the retirement planning profession. You have earned it!

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