October, 2019 InFRE Update: CRC® Program Maintains NCCA Accreditation Status

Kevin Seibert, CFP®, CRC®, CEBS, Managing Director, InFRE

Kevin Seibert, CFP®, CRC®, CEBS, Managing Director, InFRE

From Kevin Seibert, CFP®, CRC®, CEBS
Managing Director, InFRE

Every five years InFRE is required to reapply for CRC® certification accreditation by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Our most recent application was submitted in April and I’m pleased to announce that the CRC® has been approved for accreditation status through July of 2024.

Preparing to submit and complete the NCCA accreditation application is a time consuming and labor-intensive process. I would like to thank the members of the InFRE Board of Standards and Policy Development and the more than 30 CRC® Certificants who volunteered countless hours over the past year to help with updating the CRC® Practice Analysis, writing new exam questions, creating a new exam form, and conducting an exam pass point study. All of these activities are critical to meeting NCCA accreditation standards and allows the CRC® to continue to meet the highest standard of certification program credibility.

Since 1977, the NCCA has been accrediting certifying programs that meet rigorous standards related to governance of the program, exam development and implementation processes, and recertification requirements. Although there are more than 315 accredited programs in a wide range of professions, the CRC® program is part of a small and unique group of only ten financial related designation programs that have received and maintained independent accreditation status.

Meeting accreditation standards is an ongoing process and we rely heavily on CRC® volunteers to ensure we keep the CRC® program up-to-date and relevant in a constantly changing retirement plan and planning environment. I’d like to invite all those interested in volunteering their time and expertise to complete a volunteer application form.

Thank you.

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